Our journey began in the summer of 2009, when an idea for a story was born. The idea grew into a novel, "The Gadai", and my family was there to bring the book to life.

Nurturing it through months of editing, my husband, Brian and our two children molded the story with me into the final book you see here today.

Brian and I work in social services; I work with children and he fundraises.. Our eight year old son is in Grade three and our fourteen year old daughter started high school this year. We live with our chocolate labrador-retriever Cayden, who continues to believe he's the central character of our drama ( just as fictional counter-part believes he is the hero of "The Gadai").

Now the Anti-Bullying Children's Books and "The Whisperer" (yes, there has been a name change) are all available on Amazon and Kindlle,)

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey.


The Whisperer.

by Jennifer Anzin
Coming soon to Amazon
and KIndle.