by Jennifer Anzin
Anti-Bullying Book Package
Prevent/Stop Bullying. Now available on Amazon and Kindle. Practical strategies and additional program recommendations for young children (approximately 3-8 years of age) at end of stories.
For parents, teachers, other professionals.

The Incredible Shrinking Bully: (from perspective of the bullied). Arthur the Engine is bullied by Timmy the Truck. Includes anti-bullying strategies.
The Terrible Tantrums of Timmy the Truck: (from perspective of bully). Timmy the Truck is bullying Arthur the Engine and he needs to stop. Includes strategies to prevent the development of bullying behaviours.
Stop Bullying Now:Colouring Book: With Arthur the Engine, his friends and Timmy the Truck.
Devon the Digger’s Difficult Day:  Book to develop the beginning of empathy skills. Important skills to prevent bullying.
The Anger Train: Book including practical strategies to help children deal with anger/build self-regulation skills. Includes other anger management strategies.

The Terrible Tantrums of Timmy the Truck.
The Incredible Shrinking Bully.
Devon the Digger's Difficult Day.
The Anger Train.
Stop Bullying Now Colouring Book.